I think a large part of this attitude is our overly legalistic culture. Few things 'happen' without there being a lawsuit or court case attached to it. We demand proof. Not that kind of proof but the other kind. What ever side of the fence you're on the other side doesn't have the right… » 11/26/14 9:00am Yesterday 9:00am

So few comments about Native Americans in Gawker (that I read) ever clarify that 'Native Americans' have separate, unique cultures. I'd like to blame Bugs Bunny but he's still just a symptom of persistent racism and ignorance. Much like the belief that all Africans share the same heritage or there's not much… » 11/22/14 11:11pm Saturday 11:11pm

Since I was young, the Denver Art Museum had a wonderful chair exhibit. It was during one such visit that I recognized everyday objects could not only be designed well but be designed to serve as art as well. It was always an odd thing to showcase in an art museum (where paintings and sculptures are). But when I… » 11/05/14 5:07pm 11/05/14 5:07pm