I worked at a Good Times drive-through and a lady asked for "a lot a lot of pickles" on a particular sandwich that called for 3 pickles. I interpreted "a lot a lot" as meaning 9 pickles somehow. Probably because a lot is twice and a lot a lot is three times. Either way, I made the sandwich with 9 pickles. » 4/13/15 5:02pm Monday 5:02pm

It's listed at #3 (Three!!!) for the ABA's list of legal movies. Nevermind that the American Bar Association felt compelled to compile such a list in the first place. It did and that's just something we are going to have to get over. But since it did and placed My Cousin Vinny at the three spot, above Inherit the Wind… » 4/02/15 1:54pm 4/02/15 1:54pm

It's possible there's a bank of preexisting identities that the Marshalls pull from. It could be one of the kinks they ironed out was creating identities in advance. Once needed that fake person is taken out of inactive and reassigned. Several details are then added/changed. But banks, insurance companies and the like… » 3/30/15 10:36am 3/30/15 10:36am